Omsorg och mänsklig värdighet Teoretiska och empiriska perspektiv på förbättringsarbete i Svenska kyrkan med inriktning på begravningar

Detta är en avhandling från Uppsala : Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis

Sammanfattning: The purpose of the thesis is firstly to assess the Church of Sweden in the light of current quality theories and systematic improvement methods, and secondly to develop methods and models for quality improvement work (using a systematic approach) within the Church of Sweden focusing on parish funeral activities. The thesis takes as its starting point the specific conditions of the church environment and a general, Christian and humansitic value orientation. Another starting point is the concept of processes and relations, and of a caring approach among parish co-workers. Improvements in processes and relationships were related (without financial analysis) to the cost of a lack of quality.The descriptive term quality improvement work includes both quality improvement and the areas of leadership, collaboration and organization. The empirical study was carried out in Täby Parish during the years 1997-2002 as a case study with an interactive approach. The staff and management of the parish were interviewed, as were 14 members of immediate family. A dialogue with undertakers was also maintained. It was a cyclical process with analysis/evaluation followed by strategic planning and action, and with critical reflection as a constant element. The researcher's role was shaped into a psychodynamic, learning approach. A number of factors were identified that form (1) a common basis (valid for all staff members) and (2) a specific parish quality improvement work in the area of funerals. It is when problems are tackled and suggestions for improvement are implemented, that quality improves, the church envitonment benefits, and the costs associated with a lack of quality are addressed. With the title of this thesis, Care and Human Dignity, the view is summarized that the Human Being is complex, and that dignity belongs to the Human Being's creative and lighter sides, that are expressed through care for others.