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  1. 1. Klass, åsikt och partisympati : det svenska konsumtionsfältet för politiska åsikter

    Författare :Jan-Magnus Enelo; Stefan Svallfors; Örebro universitet; []
    Nyckelord :SOCIAL SCIENCES; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; political opinions; class; cultural capital; economic capital; socioeconomic; socio-cultural; party preference; voting; field; social space; Bourdieu; correspondence analysis; Sociologi; Sociology;

    Sammanfattning : The aim of this thesis is to study political opinions and party voting in relation to class. The range of opinions studied consists of a socioeconomic dimension, dealing with issues of economic equality, and a socio-cultural dimension, dealing with questions of culture and morality. LÄS MER

  2. 2. Why Work? : Comparative Studies on Welfare Regimes and Individuals' Work Orientations

    Författare :Ingrid Esser; Joakim Palme; Stefan Svallfors; Stockholms universitet; []
    Nyckelord :SOCIAL SCIENCES; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; welfare state; production regime; work values; attitudes to work; employment commitment; retirement preferences; multi-level analysis; comparative; institutions; work motivation; Sociology; Sociologi;

    Sammanfattning : The main purpose of this thesis is to examine how different welfare and production regimes may have structured individuals’ work orientations into cross-national patterns by the late 1990s and early 2000s. Three different aspects of work orientations are considered in the three studies. LÄS MER

  3. 3. The way we conform to paid labour : Commitment to employment and organization from a comparative perspective

    Författare :Carl Hult; Stefan Svallfors; Arne Kalleberg; Umeå universitet; []
    Nyckelord :SOCIAL SCIENCES; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; Sociology; Employment Commitment; Job Satisfaction; Organizational Commitment; Person-Environment Fit; Political Values; Production Regimes; Work Rewards; Work Values; Sociologi; Sociology; Sociologi; sociologi; Sociology;

    Sammanfattning : This thesis compares work orientations in six Western countries (the USA, Great Britain, New Zealand, Germany, Norway, and Sweden), using data from the 1997 International Social Survey Program (ISSP). The main issue examined is whether different ‘production regimes’ correspond to levels and patterns of employment and organizational commitment among the working population. LÄS MER

  4. 4. Welfare state attitudes in context : local contexts and attitude formation in Sweden

    Författare :Ingemar Johansson Sevä; Stefan Svallfors; Jonas Edlund; Joakim Palme; Umeå universitet; []
    Nyckelord :SOCIAL SCIENCES; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; Welfare state; attitudes; local context; municipalities; multilevel analysis; Sweden; Sociology; Sociologi; sociologi; Sociology;

    Sammanfattning : Welfare state attitudes are often studied from the perspective of the individual's characteristics and/or national or regime-type contexts. This thesis instead seeks explanations for individuals' varying attitudes towards the welfare state at the level of local contexts (municipalities). LÄS MER

  5. 5. Values and welfare state attitudes : The interplay between human values, attitudes and redistributive institutions across national contexts

    Författare :Joakim Kulin; Mikael Hjerm; Stefan Svallfors; Michael Shalev; Umeå universitet; []
    Nyckelord :SOCIAL SCIENCES; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; Basic human values; attitudes; welfare state; institutions; Europe; Sociology; sociologi;

    Sammanfattning : While there is much research aiming to assess the determinants of welfare state attitudes, there are not many studies focussing on how human values influence attitude formation. This thesis explores the relationship between values and welfare state attitudes across national contexts. LÄS MER