Service Migration in Virtualized Data Centers

Detta är en avhandling från Karlstad : Karlstads universitet

Sammanfattning: Modern virtualized Data Centers (DCs) require efficient management techniques to guarantee high quality services while reducing their economical cost. The ability to live migrate virtual instances, e.g., Virtual Machines (VMs), both inside and among DCs is a key operation for the majority of DC management tasks that brings significant flexibility into the DC infrastructure. However, live migration introduces new challenges as it ought to be fast and seamless while at the same time imposing a minimum overhead on the network. In this thesis, we study the networking problems of live service migration in modern DCs when services are deployed in virtualized environments, e.g., VMs and containers. In particular, this thesis has the following main objectives: (1) improving the live VM migration in Software-Defined Network (SDN) enabled DCs by addressing networking challenges of live VM migration, and (2) investigating the trade-off between the reconfiguration cost and optimality of the Service Function Chains (SFCs) placement after the reconfiguration has been applied when SFCs are composed of stateful Virtual Network Functions (VNFs).To achieve the first objective, in this thesis, we use distinctive characteristics of SDN architectures such as their centralized control over the network to accelerate the network convergence time and address suboptimal routing problem. Consequently, we enhance the quality of intra- and inter-DC live migrations. Furthermore, we develop an SDN-based framework to improve the inter-DC live VM migration by automating the deployment, improving the management, enhancing the performance, and increasing the scalability of interconnections among DCs.To accomplish the second objective, we investigate the overhead of dynamic reconfiguration of stateful VNFs. Dynamic reconfiguration of VNFs is frequently required in various circumstances, and live migration of VNFs is an integral part of this operation. By mathematically formulating the reconfiguration costs of stateful VNFs and developing a multi-objective heuristic solution, we explore the trade-off between the reconfiguration cost required to improve a given placement and the degree of optimality achieved after the reconfiguration is performed. Results show that the cost of performing the reconfiguration operations required to realize an optimal VNF placement might hamper the gain that could be achieved.