In search of equality - A critical analysis of non-discrimination provisions in human rights treaties as they apply to migrant workers in Sub-Saharan Africa

Detta är en avhandling från Faculty of Law, Lund university

Sammanfattning: The question that links all aspects of this thesis is how democratic nations implement international human rights law to protect their foreign migrant workers from unequal treatment. First, I examine international legal principles that are primarily focused on the principle of non-discrimination in international law. I describe and critically analyse previous publications, postulations, universal and regional instruments that were designed to address the protection of migrant workers from in human rights law. Secondly, I describe and critically analyse the essential features of State protections of migrant workers of two African States that receive large numbers of migrant workers: Nigeria and South Africa. Thirdly, I offer recommendations for those States to improve their protection of migrant workers. Hopefully, the contribution this dissertation will make to the protection of migrant workers within human rights law are as follows: First, through its method of analysis; secondly, through its examination of the practices of the two African States I have selected for study; and thirdly, through its recommendations for improvements.