Unga på hem för vård eller boende. Om rättssäkerhet, legitimitet och tillit vid beslut om ungas vård

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Sammanfattning: This thesis is a compilation thesis with the title Young persons at homes for care or residence. On legal security, legitimacy and trust with respect to decisions on young persons in care. The thesis is the result of two research projects within the scope of my research studies at the Faculty of Law, University of Lund, Sweden. The two separate studies share the common theme of the influence of legal principles on decisions concerning the care of a young person in a home for care or residence. The starting point for the research work is the ultimate responsibility of society for the welfare of young persons (up to 21 years of age). This public responsibility may lead to a decision on voluntary or involuntary care outside the home of the person in need for care. One kind of placement outside home is a home for care or residence. The primary legislation at hand is the Social Services Act, the Ordinance of the Social Services and the Care of Young Persons Act. Study I has the title A study on the legal security of young persons in proceedings on institutional care in the context of the principles of legality, equality, objectivity and the best interest of the child. Study I established the foundations that opened the way for Study II. Study II has the title The assessing of substantive validity of legal norms in a critical perspective. The example of homes for care or residence. The results of Study I and Study II laid the foundation for the elaboration of an explanatory model concerning the function and capacity of legal principles to create trust with regard to decisions on care of young persons and their placement in homes for care or residence. This explanatory model constitutes the general frame of this thesis. The model conveys a description and an explanation why and in what manner legal principles seek to create trust and to establish trust in relation to the individual person with regard to interpersonal modes of action by way of the legal order.

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