Ett europeiserat arbetstagarinflytande : en rättslig studie av inflytandedirektivens genomförande i Sverige

Detta är en avhandling från Uppsala : Iustus förlag

Sammanfattning: Employee involvement is a central question in labour law. In this dissertation the author examines eight EU directives (the involvement directives) with provisions on employee involvement. The aim of the dissertation is to analyse the content of the involvement directives and how they have affected the Swedish system of employee involvement.The study focuses on a number of questions that are common for the directives. First, the foundations of employee involvement are examined. The foundations are: between which actors employee involvement is exercised; the protection awarded to employee representatives; and to what extent the social partners may deviate from provisions in the directives. The other questions that are common are: what areas employee representatives are entitled to be involved in; how shall the involvement be exercised; do the directives contain any quality criteria that need to be observed; when should the employer inform and consult the employee representatives? Finally, the sanctions that may be imposed when the rules on employee involvement are violated are analysed.

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