Folkkyrkans kropp : Einar Billings ecklesiologi i postsekulär belysning

Detta är en avhandling från Skellefteå : Artos & Norma bokförlag

Sammanfattning: This dissertation offers an analysis of the influential perception of folk-church ecclesiology that is associated with the theologian and Bishop Einar Billing (1871-1939). The term folk church has had a massive impact on the ecclesiological discussion within the Church of Sweden over the last 100 years. It has become one of the most significant concepts in many of the theological self-descriptions in the Church of Sweden. But how does the central position that the term folk church has gained in the theological language of the church, affect the various ways in which the church actually is embodied?The theoretical framework for the analysis is gained from contemporary postsecular theology, with the aim to illuminate some of the consequences of the folk-church ecclesiology, regarding the social embodiment of the church. The folk church as a social body is therefore studied in relationship to other social bodies, such as the modern nation state. The postsecular perspective is mainly inspired by the contemporary theologians William Cavanaugh and Graham Ward.

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