Energy and Environmental Factors in Food and Beverage Production Systems : An Analysis of Tomatoes, Whisky, and Beer

Sammanfattning: Given the anticipated global population of approximately 10 billion by 2050,the task of ensuring adequate sustenance for all within the constraints of Earth'slimited resources presents a significant challenge. The production of food andbeverages demands considerable energy investment, as well as other essentialresources such as water and nutrients. In addition to this, food production isassociated with different kinds of environmental impact, such as global warming,eutrophication, acidification, and biodiversity loss.This thesis analyzes energy and environmental factors in food and beverageproduction systems, focusing on tomatoes, whisky, and beer production. Itaims to identify energy and environmental hotspots in these systems while alsoexploring the potential benefits of selected waste management practices, suchas anaerobic digestion, for improving system circularity and environmentalperformance. The thesis uses several methods for energy and environmentalsystems analysis, including life cycle assessment and material flow analysis,as well as energy system simulation and optimization.A key finding is the role of local resources, such as renewable energy andaccess to waste treatment facilities, in determining the environmental impact.Additionally, electricity use and production methods significantly influencedthe environmental impact of the studied systems. The importance of transportationvaried across the systems, due to differences in transport requirementsof both inputs and outputs. Furthermore, this study evaluates various alternativesfor increased circularity, particularly through waste treatment and improvedresource efficiency. The results contribute to increased understandingof environmental performance across several production systems, offering insightsfor decision-makers aiming to enhance environmental sustainability offood and beverage production.

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