Algorithms for Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : Institutionen för fysikalisk kemi, oorganisk kemi och strukturkemi

Sammanfattning: Methods for performing large-scale parallel Molecular Dynamics(MD) simulations are investigated. A perspective on the field of parallel MD simulations is given. Hardware and software aspects are characterized and the interplay between the two is briefly discussed. A method for performing ab initio MD is described; the method essentially recomputes the interaction potential at each time-step. It has been tested on a system of liquid water by comparing results with other simulation methods and experimental results. Different strategies for parallelization are explored.Furthermore, data-parallel methods for short-range and long-range interactions on massively parallel platforms are described and compared. Next, a method for treating electrostatic interactions in MD simulations is developed. It combines the traditional Ewald summation technique with the nonuniform Fast Fourier transform---ENUF for short. The method scales as N log N, where N is the number of charges in the system. ENUF has a behavior very similar to Ewald summation and can be easily and efficiently implemented in existing simulation programs.Finally, an outlook is given and some directions for further developments are suggested.