An application of the decision-information-operation system model

Sammanfattning: The media provides frequent reports about organisations - both public and business - in crisis. These must re-organise themselves, often requiring the dismissal of employees in order to adapt to the emerging internal or external conditions. If they do not adapt, they do not survive. In order to help the adaptation process, science has developed several theories such as Contingency Theory and the Viable System Model. These are well established. On the other hand, the Decision-Information-Operation System model (DIOS- model) developed by Professor J.L. Le Moigne, is an alternative approach for a system's adaptation that is not as widely known. The present study aims to contribute with an application and evaluation. DIOS-model was applied to a medium-size business organisation experiencing a crisis and needing to adapt. The application has allowed us to evaluate - empirically and theoretically - Le Moigne's model and its foundations. The models that were developed based on the theory increased our understanding of the organisation under study. The conclusion is that the various components of DIOS-model should find their counterparts in social organisations and that their absence or inadequacy may lead to a poor organisational performance. Therefore, the model is a tool for helping organisations adapt to changing conditions. However, the study shows some important limitations of the theory. It requires further development and should not be used uncritically.