Experimental Studies in Chemical Physics

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : Stockholm University

Sammanfattning: Different laser based methods have been applied for studying different aspects on chemical physics.The transition metal containing molecules vanadium oxide (VO), zirconium sulphide (ZrS), zirconium dimer (Zr2) and titanium dimer (Ti2) have been studied in cool molecular beams using two-photon ionization technique. Rotationally resolved spectra of Ti2 and Zr2 have been recorded and several electronic states have been characterized.Lifetimes of some electronic states of the VO and ZrS molecules have been measured using a delayed two-photon ionization technique. The VO and ZrS molecules have earlier been observed in stellar atmosphere, so their lifetimes are of interest for astrophysicists.The reactivity of titanium clusters with respect to hydrogen and deuterium has been studied using a flow reactor. The reactivity showed pronounced dependence on cluster sizes but no temperature dependence could be observed.Dynamics in the allyl iodide molecule (C3H5I) have been studied when exciting the molecule in different energy regions by probing the relaxation or dissociation time profiles. A resonant two-photon ionization detection scheme has been developed for detection of atomic iodine and has been used for probing the atomic iodine resulting from dissociation of allyl iodide.

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