Prospects for Theology in Peacebuilding : A Theological Analysis of the Just Peace Concept in the Textual Process towards an International Ecumenical Peace Declaration, World Council of Churches 2008-2011

Sammanfattning: This study takes its starting point in the questions of whether and how theology might serve as a faith-based peacebuilding resource. Based on an exploration of the textual process towards an international ecumenical declaration on just peace in the World Council of Churches, it suggests that theology can indeed serve as such a resource and it sketches how theology can make such a contribution. The exploration, which takes place in two stages, focuses on the theological development of the concept of just peace and is guided by the research question “What are the prospects for theology in peacebuilding?”. The first stage seeks to discern how the discourse presented in the textual process makes a contribution to the theological construction of the just peace concept. The second stage investigates how the theological construction of the just peace concept provides an example of theology as an essential, faith-based peacebuilding resource. The exploration constitutes a constructive theological analysis of the just peace concept, carried out in view of the four perspectives of theological ethics, biblical interpretation, spirituality, and ecumenical vision. It is guided by the pursuit of identifying theological resources for religiously motivated peacebuilding endeavours in our time.