Component Based Software - Implications on the Development Process and Modeling Techniques

Detta är en avhandling från Karlstad : Karlstad University Studies

Sammanfattning: Component based software represents one of the new trends in the software development community. Although many years have passed since the concept of software components was first presented, it has not been a feasible approach until today. This is because of the added complexity which is a result of software component interconnectivity and multiplicity of life cycles in component based software systems.Ê To resolve the increased complexity, component based software needs a new approach in dealing with the development process as well as a new way of modeling the software.

This thesis presents a step towards a new approach to the development process and the life cycle of component based software. Furthermore, empowerment of existing modeling techniques have been initiated through the incorporation of component based thinking in the modeling techniques presented in this thesis. Combining the Enterprise modeling technique with UML, results in a more powerful and comprehensive modeling than using the two modeling techniques separately.

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