Unpacking the Value of Emerging Technologies : Experimentation, Communication and Knowledge Brokering

Sammanfattning: While many emerging technologies are making significant strides in the marketplace, others are developing at a slower pace. Historical experience has shown that their success can vary widely, from outright failure to becoming indispensable to daily life. The creation of value associated with emerging technologies has become a focal point for CEOs, business leaders, policymakers, and global forums such as the World Economic Forum. They actively explore opportunities for value creation using these technologies. Yet, the value of emerging technologies often remains uncertain since their adoption in new contexts and usage may deviate significantly from providers' intended use cases. The commercialization of emerging technologies presents a profound challenge due to the uncertain value and complex landscape of innovation.This thesis aims to investigate the processes that help unpack the value of emerging technologies to customers in a B2B context, with a focus on processes that recognize the evolving, dynamic nature of value. The thesis contends that co - creation processes help customers in unpacking the value of emerging technologies. Given the constantly evolving nature of emerging technologies, it is important to adopt a comprehensive perspective in order to fully comprehend their complex nature. In order to address the challenges presented by the uncertain value of emerging technologies in B2B settings, this thesis proposes a framework that focuses on three co-creation processes - experimentation, communication, and knowledge brokering - that may assist customers in unpacking the value of emerging technologies for their businesses. Finally, the thesis concludes with a discussion of its contributions, both theoretical and practical implications, and recommendations for further research.