Multiphase flow measurements using ultrasound

Sammanfattning: In process industries such as for example the oil and gas industry, the paper pulp industry, and the mining industry, multiphase flows are common. It is often of interest to measure the mass fractions of the different phases. In for example the mining industry, iron ore powder is transported using water, and there is a need of measurement techniques to monitor the particle mass fraction. Most existing techniques are either invasive, inaccurate, or too slow to be used in an on-line manner. The long-term goal of this research project is to develop a method for measuring mass fractions and mass fraction velocities, using ultrasound. The first two papers in this thesis consider how scattering of sound can be measured, and how this can be used to measure mass fractions. The ideas are verified with experiments. The third paper is on optimal experimental design. The problem is selecting suitable experiments from a large candidate set. We present a new algorithm for generating optimal designs. The methods in thefirst two papers can be extended to incorporate more of the underlying physics, as well as using more sophisticated multi-dimensional signal processing techniques.

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