Från policy till praktik : en studie om organisering inom LSS-området

Sammanfattning: The aim of this study is to explore what happens when the Swedish disability policy (LSS) is translated into practice. The study focuses on the organizing that takes place at a local, municipal level. It uses a qualitative approach with a mix of qualitative methods and is actively involving practitioners in the co-­‐ production of empirical data. Drawing on Actor-­‐network theory (ANT) as a conceptual framework, the analysis focuses on how actors and actants are assembled in networks. A detailed map is developed, comprising relations, formations and tensions that emerges from the efforts of translating policy into practice, Results identify the function of front-­‐line managers as a central and overloaded hub. It shows how unforeseen, unintended and undesirable effects arise as a result of both planned action programs and recurrent, not anticipated events. An ongoing professionalization, is described as a result of internal organizational conditions, rather than policy implementation or the self-­‐ interest of professions. The study illustrates the complexity and challenges of welfare organizations and the results can be used for further organizational studies as well as serve as a roadmap for organizational development within disability services.