Structural Studies and Modelling of Oxygen Transport in Barrier Materials for Food Packaging

Detta är en avhandling från Karlstad : Karlstads universitet

Sammanfattning: The requirements of food packages are to ensure food safety and quality, to minimize spoilage, and to provide an easy way to store and handle food. To meet these demands for fibre-based food packages, barrier coatings are generally used to regulate the amount of gases entering a package, as some gases are detrimental to food quality. Oxygen, for example, initiates lipid oxidation in fatty foods. Bakery products may also be sensitive to oxygen.This thesis focused on mass transport of oxygen in order to gain deeper knowledge in the performance of barrier coatings and to develop means to optimize the performance of barrier coatings. This experimental study along with computer modelling characterized the structure of barrier materials with respect to the mass transport process.This project was performed as part of the multidisciplinary industrial graduate school VIPP ( - Values Created in Fibre Based Processes and Products – at Karlstad University, with the financial support from the Knowledge Foundation, Sweden, and Stora Enso.