Packaging Logistics Evaluation in the Swedish Retail Supply Chain

Detta är en avhandling från Packaging Logistics

Sammanfattning: The concept of packaging logistics focuses on the integration of the systems of logistics and packaging with the potential of increased supply chain efficiency and effectiveness, through the improvement of both packaging and logistics related activities. Retail companies, with large product volumes, low margins and fierce competition, are constantly seeking efficiency improvements in their supply chains. The retail supply chain uses an immense amount of packaging and is directly affected by packaging logistics activities. There is, therefore, a potential for efficiency improvements in the retail supply chain through the integration and development of new systems of packaging and logistics. The objective of this thesis was to develop a conceptual model that facilitates the analysis of packaging logistics performance in the retail supply chain, a model that can help decision makers in their choice of different packaging concepts with consideration of the retail supply chain. The thesis was conducted as a research project in collaboration with six Swedish companies representing a packaging company (Tetra Pak), two food manufacturers (CloettaFazer and Procordia Food), a transport company (Schenker-BTL) and two of Sweden’s largest retail chains (ICA and KF). Tools such as process mapping and video recording were used to map packaging related activities along the observed supply chain and to collect related data. The thesis provides a definition of Packaging Logistics, and elaborates on perspectives to improvement when adopting the concept of packaging logistics. The concept of Packaging logistics needs to build up knowledge and theories that can cast light on its influence on the performance of logistics and packaging systems. The thesis suggests some ideas, procedures and conceptual models that can facilitate further development of the concept.

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