Franz Berwalds Estrella de Soria : Verkhistorik. Källor. Edition av libretto och överblivna nottexter

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : Institutionen för musik- och teatervetenskap

Sammanfattning: The first step of the creation of Estrella de Soria ended in Vienna in 1841, with the finishing of an opera entitled “Estrella di Soria”. Major parts of this opera probably had been composed already in Berlin in the years before. An Austrian dramatist, Otto Prechtler, could offer Berwald a libretto suiting him. In Vienna, after only a private rehearsal of parts of the opera, the libretto was revised – and the score just put aside! It then had to rest for nearly two decades.At the latest in 1861, Berwald was promised to have his work staged at the Stockholm Royal Theatre. He revised “Estrella di Soria”, using the new libretto of 1841/42. Massive parts of the score were refused, other sections revised, new music added.The result, Estrella de Soria, now with Spanish spelling, still proved too largescale. Berwald had to reduce the compass further before and during the performances in April 1862. The reductions ended in a “final” version of the opera.This “final” version has been published in vol. 17a-b of Franz Berwald. Sämtliche Werke / Complete Works (BwGA, Bärenreiter-Verlag, Kassel etc.) In the present dissertation all manuscripts not included in the “final” version have been accounted for and edited (partly being a pre-edition of vol. 17c of BwGA), together with an overview and discussion of the creation of the opera.

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