Systematic Design of Assembly Systems : Preconditions and Design Process Planning

Sammanfattning: Efficient assembly systems are necessary to the success of industrial companies where assembly is a strategic core activity. Each assembly system is the result of a unique design process where the available resources and options are utilised in order to suit the specific preconditions of the company and the situation. Designing assembly systems in a systematic way based on a pre-defined structure is advantageous as it improves the chances of achieving the best possible assembly system in a shorter time.In this thesis, a model for analysis of assembly system design is presented, based on the synthesis of empirical findings and a theoretical framework. The analysis model consists of contextual aspects (part 1 ). It further includes an analysis of aspects important to the design process planning activities related to how they should be managed and structured (part 2). The analysis model finally emphasises the design process (part 3) involving preparatory design aspects, and aspects relevant for the design specification activities, i.e. the creation, evaluation and selection of the assembly system proposal.In order to improve the way an assembly system is designed in practice, a method supporting the planning of this design process is also developed. This method development strategy highlights the necessity of the system designers making relevant adaptations by selecting from the pre-defined method structure. The method is presented in a modular form based on a tree structure. In part, the method identifies activities concerning design process management. However, the main part of the method includes the presentation of preparatory design activities and design specification activities.In total, the method comprises eight phases that are further subdivided on two more levels of detail. Besides structuring these design activities, the method also includes parameters that are important when designing assembly systems.

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