Drama som pedagogisk möjlighet En intervjustudie med lärare i grundskolan

Detta är en avhandling från Linköping : Linköping University Electronic Press

Sammanfattning: The aim of this study is to develop insights about what meaning teachers ascribe to their work with drama in education. Based on a socio-cultural perspective drama is seen as a tool for learning. Another point of departure is the Swedish National curriculum, which states that aesthetic learning processes should be an integrated part throughout compulsory education. The data for the study consists of interviews with eleven primary school teachers.The qualitative analysis shows a variation in how the teachers perceive drama. Drama can be used for example to illustrate different factual knowledge or to explore and create meaning in relation to a human dilemma or a complex subject matter. The working methods vary from focusing the artistic dimension of drama to giving the art form minor or no importance at all.The findings indicate, in line with previous studies, that drama is mainly used to work with the school's social goals, like creating a friendly atmosphere and prevent bullying. The findings also show that teachers find it difficult to integrate drama in their everyday teaching. One obstacle which is pointed out is the fact that in Swedish compulsory schools drama does not have its own curriculum and thus is not included in the schedule. Other explanations are that many teachers experience that they have insufficient drama skills and lack of time for drama work, depending on the school's focus on measurable knowledge and goals to be achieved.The conclusion is that drama can allow meetings where different stories can be viewed from several perspectives and be an opportunity for greater understanding and deeper knowledge. Drama can also be dismissed because it is not real and drama can be used in a fostering way, to direct students towards a desirable behavior. In other words, drama can be described as a multifaceted and powerful educational tool.