Do you dare to think outside the box? : Impacts of alcohol, negative affect and evaluation apprehension on inhibition of creative performance

Sammanfattning: Conditions relating to evaluation apprehension, alcohol and affect were investigated in relation to creative performance. Study I compared group work with individual work, and control conditions were compared with de Bono creativity-enhancing techniques. Study II studied the effect of alcohol and emotional-enhancing film material on primary-secondary process relations and creative performance. Study III explored experiences of working on a creative task after receiving negative feedback. Study IV investigated the relationship between fear of evaluation and creative performance. Study I showed higher scores on different measures of creative performance for group work, while individual work showed higher total fluency scores. Further, de Bono technique conditions showed lower fluency and lower flexibility. Study II showed signs of decreased creative performance after the intake of alcohol, and signs of increased primary process thinking but no effect of on creative performance after emotional enhancement. Study III showed that stress, fear of producing ‘incorrect’ responses and low self-efficacy were inhibiting factors on creative performance. Study IV showed that fear of evaluation was related to a lower self-efficacy, higher degree of worry, and higher degree of self-censorship. Further, Study IV showed that fear of negative evaluation had a positive relation to number of ideas produced, but no relation to quality of ideas. Additionally, support for creativity showed positive relations to both number of ideas produced and quality of ideas.