Systemimplementering i praktiken : en studie av logiker i fyra projekt

Detta är en avhandling från Linköping : Linköpings universitet

Författare: Jimmy Tjäder; Linköping.; Linköping.; [1999]


Sammanfattning: Managing information system implementations successfully is a question of enabling learning processes and controlling project performance. However, there are many reported cases where one or both of these demands are neglected. One reason for this might be that learning and controlling put different demands on the way a project manager manages a project. This thesis explores the logic a project manager uses to describe his or her actions. The aim of this exploration is to understand the consequences of different types of logic for information system implementation.This thesis is based on two studies. The first study focuses on the relationship between the project manager's logic and the project process. This study is based on three implementation projects at ABB Infosystems: projects that aimed to implement an ERP-system, a CAM-system, and an in-house developed system respectively. The second study focuses on the relationship between the project manager's logic and the social context. It is based on one large implementation of an ERP-system conducted by ABB Infosystems at ABB Industrial Systems. Research methods used in these studies were document analysis, interviews, participation in meetings, and analysis of e-mail traffic.A control logic is dependent on previous experience in order to be successful. Furthermore, it might create an information overload for the project manager and hold back an important transfer of knowledge between client and consultants. A learning logic is hard to accomplish in a project setting due to the common use of project management theory. However, there were episodes during two of the projects where the project manager described the project based on a learning logic. During these episodes the focus was on creating arenas where different participants' point of views could meet. Finally, the most interesting observation is that there is no single example of a change from a control logic to a learning logic in any project. The main reason for this is that there is no external actor that has the influence and ability to introduce a conflicting point of view, which might enable the introduction of a learning logic.  

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