Verkstadsmiljöer under 1800-talet

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Författare: Eva Dahlström; Kth.; [1999]

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Sammanfattning: The study is concerned with the establishment of Swedishengineering industry during the 19th century, with particularattention given to industrial plants and the formation of thebuilt up environment. The primary aim is to discuss theinfluence of older forms of manufacture and the transfer of newforeign technology. The analysis is carried out by using theconcepts proto-industry and paternalism. Another aim is toexamine how and in what respect an examination of buildings andmachinery can contribute to a better understanding of theindustrial past.The thesis presents a comprehensive study at national levelof the growth and expansion of the engineering industry between1850 and 1880, which is followed by three case studies of threedifferent types of enterprise. The firms were set up at thesame time, the 1850s, but they formed part of different kindsof societies. The first firm was founded in Överum, aniron-works in the countryside, while Ludvigsberg was located inStockholm and the third enterprise, Köpings mekaniskaverkstad, was in the small town of Köping. The owners'backgrounds were also different in terms of family traditions,education and networks.Both from the national overview, as well as from the casestudies, it is apparent that the engineering sector wasinfluenced in various ways by older forms of manufacture.Occasionally there was a direct connection but in most cases itwas a more indirect relation, which consisted mainly ofknowledge being transferred from the older forms of manufactureto the new branch. Neither the use of modern forms ofproduction nor paternalism was connected to the size of thelocation.The architectural form reveals to what extendt the workshopswere seen as manifestations of the firms importance. The changeof production, different products, new machines and differentorganisation of work, left discernible traces in the buildingsof the three enterprises.Key words: industrial archaeology, history ofarchitecture, economic history, history of technology,proto-industry, paternalism, engineering industry, Överumsbruk, Köpings mekaniska verkstad, Ludvigsbergs mekaniskaverkstad, 19th century.

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