Våld i nära relationer bland familjer som söker barn- och ungdomspsykiatrisk öppenvård. Förekomst och behandlares erfarenheter med att identifiera våldet

Sammanfattning: The aim of the study was 1) to investigate the prevalence of intimate partner violence (IPV) among mothers visiting a Child and Adolescent Psychiatric unit (CAP) together with their child and 2) to explore clinicians´ experiences of routinely asking about IPV in a CAP with a standardized questionnaire. During one year, the prevalence of IPV was explored by clinicians routinely asking the mothers of the patients verbally if they had been subjected to IPV in a current or former relationship. 21 % of 308 asked mothers confirmed that they had been subjected to violence from a partner. A standardized questionnaire was introduced, asking both parents about the occurrence of IPV. Interviews were carried out with clinicians about their experiences of routinely asking about IPV. Three main-themes were identified; constraint, uncertainty and utility.

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