Modeling of induction stirred ladles

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Sammanfattning: Over the years numerous computational fluid dynamics models have been developed in order to study the fluid flow in gas and induction stirred ladles. These models are used to gain insight in the industrial processes used in ladle treatment of steel. A unified model of an induction stirred Ladle in two and three dimensions is presented. Induction stirring of molten steel is a coupled multi-physics phenomena involving electromagnetic and fluid flow. Models presented in this thesis gives a more accurate description of the real stirring conditions and flow pattern, by taking into account the multi-physics behavior of the induction stirring process in an induction stirred ladle. This thesis presents a formulation of coupled electromagnetic and fluid flow equations. The coupled electromagnetic and fluid flow equations are solved using the finite element method in two and three-dimensions. The simulation model is used to predict values of steel velocities and magnetic flux density. The simulation model is also used to predict the effect of increased current density on flow velocity. Magnetic flux density values obtained from the model are verified against experimental values.