Pedagogiskt drama med fokus på personlig utveckling och yrkesmässig växt: En studie inom sjuksköterske- och vårdlärarutbildningen

Detta är en avhandling från Almqvist & WIKSELL INTERNATIONAL STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN

Sammanfattning: The aim of this study is to describe how ”drama in training” is experienced by student nurses and nurse tutors as well as to describe whether the students feel that there is a connection between their participation in drama, their personal development and their own preparation for their future profession. The study´s starting point has been that the students need support with regard to their personal development in order for a growth in professional ability to occur. The main research postulation can be viewed as qualitative, even though certain aspects of quantitative data can be found, inspired by ethnographical as well as phenomenographical research. The study stretches over one year, at two universities in the southern part of Sweden. In total, the study consists of participants from three student groups with a total of 71 students (65 female and 6 male). The average age of the groups is between 25 and 43 years old at the start of the study. Groups 1 and 2 were student nurses on the Health and Medical Care course at a nursing university. Group 3 were trainee nurse tutors on a three-term nurse tutor course, intended to result in a University Diploma in Nursing Education. The analysis of data is based on the students´ diaries (292) written in conjunction with their participation in drama during their normal training, as well as the results of a questionnaire. The main result consists of four different themes of content and a number of sub-categories: The first theme ”The group´s development” contains experiences that emphasise the group and its development. In the first category ”Get to know one another” it is emphasised that the participants have got to know one another better than before. In the second category ”Community and confidence” a sense of community and confidence had developed in the group. In the theme ”Development of knowledge” there are experiences that emphasise a growth in knowledge. In the category ”Future profession”, learning, understanding and reflection relating to the future profession is emphasised. In the theme ”Personal development” there are experiences such as increased ”Self-knowledge”, increased ”Self-esteem” and increased ”Empathy and sensitivity”. The fourth category reflects an increased awareness of the body, in the group of student nurses it dealt with the category ”Intra- and intercorporality” whilst for the trainee nurse tutor it was a case of the category ”Intracorporality”. The theme ”Ambivalent development” contains the category ”Doubtfulness” for both student groups. In addition, a further category ”Worry and joy” has been created for the student nurse group. More than half of the students felt that there is a connection between drama, personal development and their own preparations for their future profession according to the students own judgement. The pedagogical implications that one can find as a result of this study are for example: Drama can be a powerful way of promoting the growth of the students´ professional competence.

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