Det möjliga mötet. En studie av fritidspedagogers förhållningssätt i samspel med barngrupper inom skolbarnsomsorgen

Detta är en avhandling från Almqvist & Wiksell International, Stckholm, Sweden

Sammanfattning: The overall purpose of this study is to describe and analyze the attitudes and behaviour of leisure time teachers. Attention will be paid to relevant features of the topic primarily addressed with regard to the interplay between teacher and child. The investigation has a qualitative inception where five leisure time teachers are observed with video recordings. Characteristics appear in the main category "social order and group control" which have a dominating and controlling function for attitude and behaviour. Based on these characteristics, three interaction styles are derived. "Interaction style 1" is characterized by the social order's having an established structure, i.e. there are well-established routines for attendance, division into groups, ordering of priorities and division of labors which are consistently used. "Interaction style 2" is characterized by a social order with an open and flexible structure. One basic prerequisite is the adult's sensitivity to the children's interests, desires and capabilities. The children participate on all the different levels of the planning, and the teacher functions as a partner in discussions, a coordinator and an organizer. "Interaction style 3" is characterized by a social order with a structure that is closed and controlled by the adult. The leisure time teacher has a Platonic image of social order, and a detailed agenda for how routine situations will turn out, how norms and rules are to be observed, and how the content and organization of activities are to be implemented.

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