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  1. 1. Jews and Gentiles in Early Jewish Novels

    Detta är en avhandling från Uppsala : Religionshistoria

    Författare :Hedvig Larsson; Tord Fornberg; Anders Hultgård; Angela Standhartinger; [2006]
    Nyckelord :HUMANIORA; HUMANITIES; Judaism; Hellenistic period; novels; Jews and non-Jews; type scenes; irony; idol-parody; HUMANITIES and RELIGION Religion Theology History of religion; HUMANIORA och RELIGIONSVETENSKAP Religionsvetenskap Teologi Religionshistoria;

    Sammanfattning : This dissertation deals with Jewish novels from the late Persian, Hellenistic and early Roman periods. The five texts chosen for this study are the Books of Ruth, Judith, Esther, Daniel and Joseph & Aseneth. Focus is on how the Jewish narrators describe non-Jews and non-Jewish religion, and on the relations between Jews and non-Jews. LÄS MER

  2. 2. The Return of YHWH : The Tension between Deliverance and Repentance in Isaiah 40-55

    Detta är en avhandling från Lund University

    Författare :Blaženka Scheuer; [2005]
    Nyckelord :HUMANIORA; HUMANITIES; prophetic exhortations; interdependence; relationship; idol-worship; identity; transformation; Isaiah 40-55; Bible; Jeremiah; Ezekiel; Bibelvetenskap;

    Sammanfattning : The theology of Isaiah 40-55 has two seemingly contradictory aspects: the tension between the consolatory message of deliverance, and the harsh tone of accusation. In this part of the Book of Isaiah, YHWH's return to his people is demonstrated through the accumulation of declarations about YHWH's ability and his will to deliver the Israelites from the exile. LÄS MER

  3. 3. Hormonal influences on cholesterol and bile acid metabolism : focusing on involvement of PCSK9

    Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : Karolinska Institutet, Dept of Medicine, Huddinge

    Författare :Moumita Ghosh Laskar; Karolinska Institutet.; Karolinska Institutet.; [2018]

    Sammanfattning : Elevated plasma LDL-C is today considered a causative factor for the development of atherosclerosis. Increased plasma LDL-C levels are mainly due to reduced numbers of functional LDL receptors (LDLRs) in the liver. LÄS MER

  4. 4. Att söka information för att lära. En studie av samspel mellan informationssökning och lärande

    Detta är en avhandling från Göteborg : University of Gothenburg

    Författare :Louise Limberg; Göteborgs universitet.; Gothenburg University.; [1998]

    Sammanfattning : SUMMARY IN ENGLISH Information seeking, didactics and learning (IDOL) The research interest in exploring a teaching perspective of information seeking emerged out of earlier research findings on students’ information seeking and learning, resulting in conclusions that there is close interaction between the quality of students’ information seeking and the quality of their learning outcomes (Alexandersson & Limberg 2003; 2005; Limberg 1999). Another point of departure for the IDOL study was previous research findings that teachers have vague notions of how to teach information seeking related to students’ research based learning (i. LÄS MER

  5. 5. Dylan i 60-talet. Tematiken i Bob Dylans sångtexter och dikter 1961-67

    Detta är en avhandling från Ellerströms förlag

    Författare :Mats Jacobsson; [2004]
    Nyckelord :HUMANIORA; HUMANITIES; litteraturteori; Allmän och jämförande litteratur; literary theory; literature criticism; The 60´s; song lyrics; contexts and interpretation; thematics; Guthrie tradition; society as father; generation conflict; The Beat Poets; Black Humor; litteraturkritik; New Left; Musicology; General and comparative literature; Musikvetenskap;

    Sammanfattning : Bob Dylan (b. 1941) became known as an enfant terrible and a regenerator of rock lyrics already in the tumultuous 60´s. His constantly shifting roles as musician and songwriter, combined with his notable reserve, have led to the growth of a plethora of myths surrounding his person and work. LÄS MER