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  1. 1. Age differences in first language attrition : A maturational constraints perspective

    Författare :Emanuel Bylund Spångberg; Kenneth Hyltenstam; Niclas Abrahamsson; Silvina Montrul; Stockholms universitet; []
    Nyckelord :HUMANITIES; HUMANIORA; HUMANIORA; HUMANITIES; first language attrition; age differences; maturational constraints; critical period; language acquisition; bilingualism; international adoptees; conceptual proficiency; language aptitude; Bilingualism; Tvåspråkighet; tvåspråkighetsforskning; Bilingualism;

    Sammanfattning : This thesis investigates age-related differences in first language (L1) attrition in a second language (L2) setting. The thesis is based on four individual studies. LÄS MER

  2. 2. Conceptualización de eventos en español y en sueco : Estudios sobre hablantes monolingües y bilingües

    Författare :Emanuel Bylund Spångberg; Johan Falk; Kenneth Hyltenstam; Itziar Idiazabal Gorrochategui; Stockholms universitet; []
    Nyckelord :HUMANITIES; HUMANIORA; HUMANIORA; HUMANITIES; aspect; bilingualism; conceptualization; events; linguistic relativity; Spanish; Swedish; thinking for speaking; Spanish language; Spanska språket; Spanish; spanska;

    Sammanfattning : This thesis deals with language-specific patterns in the selection and organization of information (i.e., conceptualization) reflected in the expression of events by monolingual and bilingual speakers of Spanish and Swedish. LÄS MER

  3. 3. Social interaction and identification among adolescents in multilingual suburban Sweden : A study of institutional order and sociocultural change

    Författare :Charlotte Haglund; Kenneth Hyltenstam; Monica Heller; Annick Sjögren; Shirley Brice Heath; Stockholms universitet; []
    Nyckelord :HUMANITIES; HUMANIORA; HUMANIORA; HUMANITIES; interaction; identity; multilingualism; institutional order; social change; critical ethnography; school; Languages and linguistics; Språkvetenskap;

    Sammanfattning : This thesis is based on an ethnographic fieldwork among a group of adolescents in and out of school in suburban Sweden. The adolescents share the diasporic experience of living outside of the countries or nations of origin, experiencing marginalization in relation to majority society and concurrently being part of global, national and local transformations and changes. LÄS MER

  4. 4. Dyslexi på två språk : En multipel fallstudie av spansk-svensktalande ungdomar med läs- och skrivsvårigheter

    Författare :Christina Hedman; Kenneth Hyltenstam; Christina Hellman; Åke Viberg; Stockholms universitet; []
    Nyckelord :HUMANITIES; HUMANIORA; HUMANIORA; HUMANITIES; dyslexia; bilingualism; second language reading acquisition; Languages and linguistics; Språkvetenskap; tvåspråkighetsforskning; Bilingualism Research;

    Sammanfattning : The complicated task of deciding whether reading and writing difficulties in a second language learner stem from dyslexia or from problems associated with second language learning serves as the primary theme of this study. The theoretical framwork of dyslexia-related issues is a phonological cause model (Ramus, 2004). LÄS MER

  5. 5. Code-switching in Chicano Theater : Power, Identity and Style in Three Plays by Cherríe Moraga

    Författare :Carla Jonsson; Patricia Poussa; Kenneth Hyltenstam; Christopher Stroud; Umeå universitet; []
    Nyckelord :HUMANITIES; HUMANIORA; HUMANIORA; HUMANITIES; Linguistics; code-switching; Chicano theater; Chicano; Chicano discourse; power; identity; language ideology; third space; style; hybridity; code-mixing; Lingvistik; Linguistics; Lingvistik; engelska; English;

    Sammanfattning : The thesis examines local and global functions of code-switching and code-mixing in Chicano theater, i.e. in writing intended for performance. The data of this study consists of three published plays by Chicana playwright Cherríe Moraga. LÄS MER