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  1. 1. Papper och lump : studier av kontinuitet och förändring i nordisk pappersindustri från 1600-tal till 1900-tal

    Författare :Helene Sjunnesson; Marie Nisser; Staffan Hansson; KTH; []
    Nyckelord :HUMANITIES; HUMANIORA; HUMANIORA; HUMANITIES; Industrial heritage studies; history of technology; industrial archaeology; papermaking; paper industry; rags; hand-made paper mills; machine-made paper mills; paper and textile; 1830-1870; Sweden; Denmark; Finland; Norway; Östergötland; Holmen; Tammerfors; complexity in the industrialization process; long continuity; periods of transition.; History of technology and industry; Teknik- och industrihistoria;

    Sammanfattning : . This thesis consists of an introduction and four previously published articles. The joint empirical focus is papermaking based on textile rags as fibre raw material. Furthermore the physical environment is central in the studies. LÄS MER