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  1. 1. Processing of Nanostructured WC-Co Powders and Sintered Steels

    Författare :Zongyin Zhang; KTH; []
    Nyckelord :Nanostructured powder; Chemical synthesis; Fe-Mn-Si steel; Fe-Cu swelling; Mechanical properties; Sintering parameters;

    Sammanfattning : Processing of nanostructured WC-Co and W-Co powders,modelling of Fe-Mn-Si alloy, swelling of Fe-Cu alloy, andmechanical properties and sintering of Fe-Mn-Si steels havebeen studied in the present thesis.W-Co precursors made by chemical synthesis were used toproduce nanostructured WCCo and W-Co powders by calcination,reduction and carburization. LÄS MER