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  1. 1. Optical characterization of Silicon-based self-assembled nanostructures

    Författare :Bouchaib Adnane; Wei-Xin Ni; Per Olof Holtz; Göran Hansson; Susumo Fukatsu; Linköpings universitet; []

    Sammanfattning : This PhD thesis summarizes the work carried on the optical characterizations of some Si-based self-assembled nanostructures, particularly SiGe/Si quantum dots (QDs) and nanocrystalline (nc)-Si embedded in mesoporous silica (MS) using photoconductivity (PC), photoluminescence (PL), and photoluminescence excitation (PLE) measurements. The spectroscopic studies of SiGe/Si QDs grown on Si by molecular beam epitaxy revealed for the first time well-resolved PLE resonances. LÄS MER