Ett samband att beakta : psalm, psalmbok, samhälle

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Sammanfattning: The dissertation treats the relation between hymn, hymn-book and society by studying six motifs in The Swedish Hymnal (Den svenska psalmboken): mission, evangelization, diaconia, ecumenics, working life and "the new situation of youth". In the latest revision of The Swedish Hymnal, 1969-1986, hymns that gave adequate expression to these motifs were especially sought for. The dissertation demonstrates that the transformation of society in the post-war period, both nationally and internationally, entailed shifts in the understanding of these motifs. How this affected the selection and disposition of hymns in The Swedish Hymnal of 1986 is then treated. In order to bring the various motifs out into full relief, their appearance and treatment in Swedish hymnals and hymn collections from 1695 until 1986, with emphasis on the official hymnals of 1937 and 1986, is investigated. This leads to the conclusion that the influence of societal change on hymns containing these motifs varies over time, and that the youth culture of the 1960s and 1970s played an important role in the creation of new hymns while also serving as a critical point of reference for those engaged in this work. Other problems discussed in connection with the treatment of the six motifs include the function of the hymn-book as a popular book, or "book for daily use", and the claim vs. the ability of hymns to express people's faith, thoughts, feelings and experiences.

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