Upplevelsens poetik : slöjdseminariet på Nääs 1880–1940

Detta är en avhandling från Lunds universitet

Sammanfattning: This dissertation examines aspects of the experience of being a student at Nääs’ sloydseminar between 1880 and 1940 and what consequences it had for the participants. The experience was more or less consciously constructed by the charismatic leader Otto Salomon and after his death in 1907 the responsability of ”composing” the experience was put on Rurik Holm, pedagogical manager between 1913 and 1942. The environment and the activities at Nääs became life-changing for many participants. By looking at the experience from a number of sides I am able to dissect the ingredients of that experience. The first analytical chapter is therefore about Swedish sloyd and the construction of a pioneer project that was to find its way into an emerging national andinternational schoolsystem. The experience of being a pioneer and part of a pioneer movement was one part of the experience of Nääs. In the second analytical chapter my aim is to get past the subject of sloyd and into the reality of Nääs. I analyse entering and leaving Nääs as a ritual act. The life at Nääs is examined and special consideration is put on the community at Nääs and on its actions of becoming a community. In the last analytical chapter I analyse the encounter with the outside world after leaving Nääs and which role the experience played in this encounter. My approach is a hermeneutical one although I have theoretical considerations leading in other directions; the function of ritual structure and actions or the forming of a pioneer project.

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