Finsk gudstjänst i svenska kyrkan : Om traditionsmöte och traditionsväxling i de finska invandrarnas gudstjänstliv : suomenkielisten siirtolaisten jumalapalveluselämän perinteiden kohtaaminen ja perinteen vaihtuminen : on the encounter and transformation

Detta är en avhandling från Uppsala : Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis

Sammanfattning: When Finnish parochial work expanded in Sweden during the 1960's and 1970's, thehandbooks for church services and other ecclesiastical functions of the Finnish Evangelical-Lutheran Church were in use. In 1984 official permission for this practice was granted, at the same time as a new handbook for the Church of Sweden was being prepared.The new handbook from 1986 was translated to Finnish and could be used on a trialbasis from 1989. Some of the Finnish clergymen in Sweden wanted to use the handbookof the Finnish Church even in the future, but the majority began to use the newly translated Finnish version, which expressed the liturgical tradition of the Church of Sweden.A field study was conducted early in the 1990's, at the point when the handbooks ofboth churches could be used in Finnish church services. The investigation shows howthese two traditions met and affected each other internally. In some places, there was astruggle over the specific character of the two traditions. According to a decision of theCouncil of Churches taken in 1994, the handbook of the Finnish Church could no longerbe used in Sweden. The use of the final version of the Finnish handbook of the Churchof Sweden was by now to have been put into practice.The dissertation treats the meeting between these two liturgical traditions and the exchange of tradition between the Finnish Church and the Church of Sweden. The thesis also encompasses a presentation of the distribution and frequency of Finnish church services in the country, as well as the linguistical characteristic and profile for the liturgical year which is typical for Finnish-language church services and ecclesiastical functions in Sweden during the 1990's. The presentation is introduced by a general orientation from the point of view of liturgical history and current perspectives. In spite of the fact that the study does not treat extensively Finnish parochial work taking place in Finnish at the present time in the "Finnish settlements" of Northern Sweden, a picture of the history and current status of such work is also presented.

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