Ett brännglas för tidens strålar : striden om Torgny Segerstedts docentur 1903

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Sammanfattning: On 1st September 1903, the Faculty of Theology at the University of Lund took the decision to appoint Torgny Segerstedt as a senior lecturer in spite of his failed doctoral dissertation. The public defence of his thesis had taken place on 28th May in the same year before the Faculty of Theology at Uppsala. It was thus after his failure that the Faculty at Lund nevertheless decided to invite him to take up a lectureship. Segerstedt was appointed as lecturer at Lund on 29th December 1903. There were opposing views on his thesis, both between and within the two Faculties of Theology. This work provides an analysis of that situation. The background in the history of ideas shows the emerging autonomy in the academic world at this time. A new discipline, the history of religion, was emerging, focusing primarily on religions other than Christianity. The representatives of modern theology in Sweden that are discussed in this work claimed that the subject of history of religion ought to belong to the Faculty of Theology. Elsewhere this discipline had been allocated to the Faulty of Philosophy or to that of the Humanities. This thesis illuminates the views of modern theology, including the demands for freedom for academic research. The spirit of the times is highlighted through discussion of issues such as contemporary religious debate, the shortage of priests and the defensive stance of the church. Through the use of contemporary manuscripts, the curriculum followed by Torgny Segerstedt, the environment of his studies and his preparations for the public defence of his thesis are described. Segerstedt was the first student to submit a doctoral thesis in the subject of history of religion in Sweden. A central feature of this work is Segerstedt’s doctoral dissertation, and the discussions held by the examiners as well as the discussions that led to his appointment to the lectureship at Lund. This process is presented on the basis of contemporary manuscripts as well as drafts from the official opponent and letters and minutes from the Faculties at Uppsala and Lund and also from the Major Consistorium at the University of Lund. Reactions in the press have also been taken into account. The conflict surrounding Segerstedt’s lectureship is considered as expressions of current opposing views at that time. This conflict became the burning glass for the rays of the time.

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