CdTe detectors and the Mössbauer effect in ¹²⁵Te : investigations for an axion search

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : Stockholm University

Sammanfattning: The use of CdTe crystals as radiation detectors is hampered by the drift properties of charge carriers in CdTe, that make the response depend on the interaction point in the detector crystal. To remedy these effects a detailed model of the signal formation process in such detectors was developed and fitted to sampled pulse shapes. A new data collection system for sampled pulse-shape data and algorithms for automatic fitting of the pulse-shape model to such data were developed.A CdTe detector was applied in Mössbauer spectroscopy with the 35.5 keV transition in 125Te. The probability of recoilless emission was determined in Mg3TeO6, a material allowing room-temperature Mössbauer measurements with the 125Te transition.These studies were performed as a preparation for an experiment searching for axions using the Mössbauer effect.

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