Innan forskningen blev radikal : en historiografisk studie av arbetarhistoria och kvinnohistoria

Detta är en avhandling från Malmö : Universus Academic Press

Sammanfattning: This dissertation studies the emergence of Labour History and Women’s History as academic fields of research in Sweden after World War II. The aim is to study the ways in which Labour History and Women’s History were presented in early writings: in research publications, book reviews, and scholarly debates. Labour History and Women’s History emerged within, and engaged scholars from, a wide range of academic disciplines such as Economic History, History, and History of Literature. A key issue is to discuss whether or not these early writings challenged norms of knowledge production. How did Labour History and Women’s History approach epistemological and methodological standards?The point of departure is various historiographical accounts of the emergence of Labour History and Women’s History. By making a close connection between research and the social and political movements of the time, previous historiographical accounts have placed the emergence of Labour History and Women’s History in the 1970s. Although there is no doubt that this particular kind of research became popular in the 1970s, the construction of the 1970s as a starting point is problematic. Both in Sweden and internationally, labour history and women’s history have been produced since the turn of the twentieth century.Following the work of scholars such as Clare Hemmings, Sara Ahmed, and Edward W. Said, this thesis contrasts analysis of early writings with historiographical accounts of Labour History and Women’s History. The dissertation shows that subjects that have been associated with the academic context of the 1970s existed in discussions predating this decade. For example, discussions of power structures relating to class and gender and the critique of traditional epistemological and methodological standards both share similarities with discussions said to have been initiated in the 1970s. Consequently, the thesis highlights the importance of not solely focusing on progress and change in studies of past research, but also examining similarities and continuities. By focusing on similarities and continuities, it is argued that recurrent processes and dynamics relating to research can be disclosed.

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