Product models for concrete structures standards, applications and implementations

Detta är en avhandling från Luleå : Luleå tekniska universitet

Sammanfattning: The product model approach for the construction industry is fairly new subject field, especially the implementation of the result in the building process. The aim of the research and the contribution to the goal of better utilize processes is shortly described below. Limited to concrete building constructions, including both in-situ (cast in place) and precast (prefab) structures. Focus on product data models and us of product models. Standardized as well as own developed product data models are included. Consist of studied and evaluation of international standards, the applicable to the construction industry and the possibilities to develop implementations. Developing of effective workprocesses for structural designers is essential. This even includes relations to the production phase. Use commercial software system for demonstrations purposes, by implement new technology in StruSoft existing product assortment. The implementation prototypes give the opportunity to demonstrate the result to the construction industry and to promote a useful debate about working methods. The long-term goal is to give the actors in the structural design process, tools for sharing information and more efficient design methods. This research project includes four sub projects, all with different scope, main goals but the target groups are the same, namely structural designer, the concrete industry and software developer in this domain.

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