Flow Pulsations in Fluid Power Machines - a Measurement and Simulation Study

Detta är en avhandling från Linköping : Linköpings universitet

Sammanfattning: Stricter requirements for better working environment involve noise and vibration control of hydraulic machines. The operational conditions for hydraulic machines, such as pressure and rotational speed, are also increasing and this makes it even more difficult to develop a quiet, vibration-free machine due to the interdependence between noise and escalating operational conditions.The thesis investigates machines working in different driving modes and under different operational conditions. A so-called cross-angle is proposed for motor as well as pump/motor applications with variable displacement angles. The cross-angle is intended to reduce the overall noise level in the machine's working area. Other noise reduction features are also considered for machines working in different modes.To facilitate the system integrator's ability to design quiet systems, methods to determine the source flow and source impedance of the machine are essential. The source flow is assumed to be created at the valve plate and the internal impedance related to the high pressure port are completely independent of the rest of the system. Knowledge of these properties makes it possible to foresee the noise properties of a system already on the design phase. A novel source flow measurement method, the source admittance method, is investigated here. The method is considered to be robust and easy to use to suit industry requirements.

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