Gränsvakter : Tankestilar och sortering vid rekrytering av personal i sex kommuner

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : Institutionen för etnologi, religionshistoria och genusstudier

Sammanfattning: This dissertation is about the selection process taking place in connection with the recruitment of staff. My interest in this question stems from two problems, on the one hand the extensive discrimination on the Swedish labour market that affects people due to their origin, and on the other hand, the major efforts that are made to further integration on the labour market. So far we have not seen any substantial effect of these efforts. It’s a complex problem.Research that deals with the ethnic belonging of people and its importance when they are seeking employment shows that discrimination often is the outcome of unreflected processes that contribute to sorting out various categories of applicants. It is on this aspect of exclusion this study focuses.The main question is: How can practices of staff recruitment help us understand processes of exclusion on the labour market? Focus is on employers that are seeking to hire staff and their line of argument when they are selecting persons for employment.The study is based on written material such as advertising, applications for work, written comments on applications and data that are collected during observation and in talks with employers and staff from six municipalities. The sociology of knowledge has been my theoretical inspiration.The analysis shows that organisations have a fairly clear comprehension of what people they want in terms of qualifications and experience, and that choices are led by more or less predictable norms, regulations and routines. In other words, applicants who do not meet the expectations of the organisations will be excluded. Organisations are run permeated by certain styles of thought that determine their (institutionalized) actions and patterns which justify their selection. These styles of thought function as gatekeepers.

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