Mäklarrättsliga principer vid företagsförmedling

Detta är en avhandling från Stockholm : Jure

Sammanfattning: The thesis deals with principles in brokerage law. In the thesis, the legal position of the broker has been analysed by contrasting the business broker to other types of intermediaries.A prerequisite for legally defining the business broker is the systemisation of intermediation law in individual matters and analysis of the applicability of intermediation law to the business broker. By answering the question of what might be applicable to the business broker in certain matters, the legal guise of this party has taken form. It is also through this method that it is possible to analyse how the system in which the business broker exists – intermediation law – affects and shapes this legal party. The purpose of this thesis is not limited to investigate the business broker's legal position. This is rather a by-product of a method whose purpose is to identify which norms in intermediation law have the character of principles, in the sense of norms with broad applicability.The relationship between an intermediary and a broker can be described in the following way: brokerage law is a subset of intermediation law. An intermediary is thus a wider concept encompassing various different parties, including the broker. A secondary result of the research is that it is probably possible, on the back of the conclusions drawn regarding business brokers, to draw further conclusions regarding the legal positions of other, non-regulated, types of brokers.

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