Som man ropar i skogen : Modernitet, makt och mångfald i kampen om Njakafjäll och i den svenska skogsbruksdebatten 1970-2000

Sammanfattning: In this dissertation, the Swedish forestry debate during the last three decades of the 20th century is analysed. The contents, values and underlying assumptions of the debate are investigated from a discoursive point of view. Ideals, methods and aesthetics are analysed, as they have been expressed throughout the debate. Modernity's focus on uniformity, order and culturalisation of nature is contrasted to the ideals of the environmental movement. In the central case study of the dissertation, the fight between environmentalists and forest owners in Njakafjäll, is described and discussed. This case demonstrated a lot of the features of the general forestry debate, such as development ideology, conflicts between local and global interests, the use of the concept of biodiversity and the new strategies of the environmental movements. These new strategies and cooperation between are analysed as expression of the so called ecological modernisation.

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