Råd i radion : Modernisering, allmänhet och expertis 1939-1968

Detta är en avhandling från Carlssons bokförlag, Box 2112, 103 13 Stockholm

Sammanfattning: This dissertation deals with two series of radio programmes where listeners’ social and personal questions were answered on the air, broadcasted between 1939 and 1968. This is the period in Swedish history which is usually called the era of the folkhem (“The people’s home”) when social reforms, cultural radicalism and social planning – modernization in the cultural, political and material senses – became a broad project and ideology.The aim of the dissertation is to study how, and on basis of what interests and expectations, these series of programmes were used by the public and by the advisers, as well as to analyse the ideals, norms and visions expressed in programmes and in letters from listeners. Original letters and programmes are analysed both in relation to each other and within broader contexts.The book is organized chronologically and divided into two parts. The first part is centred on the series of programmes, Vart skall jag vända mig? [Where shall I turn?] (1939-1956), and the second part is centred on Människor emellan [Just between us] (1956-1968). The dissertation shows that these series of programmes served several functions from the public’s point of view. They were seen as ways to obtain neutral information, to get advice concerning sensitive questions and to put forward critical comments about society, legislation and institutions. By the advisers the series of programmes were used for the implementation of ideals and values in accordance with modern project – the ideology of the folkhem, the social reforms and the cultural radical ideas.

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