´Personality in action.´ Strategy measurement in computerized neuropsychological tests

Detta är en avhandling från Ann Wirsén Meurling, Ragnar Lodbroks gr. 12, SE 224 75 Lund, Sweden

Sammanfattning: "Personality determines very largely the use a person makes of his intellectual gifts" (Eysenck, 1988). Computerization of neuropsychological tests has made possible a detailed analysis of both quantitative and qualitative aspects of a person´s test performance. Factor analyses of test data generally bring out two main factors of performance: speed and accuracy, representing both the intellectual capacity, and the subject´s preference for one over the other, probably reflecting general traits in the personality. A conceptualization of strategy indices in the Perceptual Maze test in terms of serial vs global processing and impulsive vs consistent test behavior, and their relation to personality questionnaire data was studied. A PET activation study during performance of the Perceptual Maze test and a sham maze task revealed no specific maze-planning activation, nor any relations between solution strategy and laterality, nor any sex differences. In students, however, sex differences in performance and strategy were found, women being slower and more cautious than men. A comparison of skill, strategy, and personality data in air force pilot recruits and randomly selected conscripts showed that pilots were skilled and fast, but not impulsive in tests, despite high scores in impulsivity related scales. Criminal subjects were found to be less flexible than other groups, not changing strategy when conditions changed, in the k-test of selective attention. In the final study strategy and performance indices were validated against personality questionnaire data and choice of profession. In conclusion, strategy evaluation in computerized tests may be a valid and objective way to assess ´personality in action´ in normal subjects, but may also be of interest in clinical settings.

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