Ekofeminism i teologin : Genusuppfattning, natursyn och guduppfattning hos Anne Primavesi, Catherine Keller och Carol Christ

Detta är en avhandling från Karlstad : Karlstad University Press

Sammanfattning: This is a theological study exploring views of gender, nature and God as articulated in the ecofeminist theologies of Anne Primavesi, Catherine Keller and Carol Christ. The author takes ecofeminist theology to be a meeting-place for ecophilosophy, feminism and religion. The aim is to explore tensions and problems within each theologian's work as well as areas where they are more in congruence. Taking her departure from the results of the analysis, the author suggests that there are some problems that should be further discussed and standpoints that need to be qualified in the ongoing development of ecofeminist theology.

Methodologically, the categories of gender, nature and God are analysed on three different levels.

1.Points of departure - the theories and analytical views that shape each category.

2.Worldview - symbols, metaphors and further explanations of the character of each category. 3.Context - the three theologians' choice of problems and alternatives in "real life" according to each category.

The analysis shows that there are tensions in the conceptualisation of nature, for example between feminism as a human-centred perspective on one hand, and deep ecological and ecocentric approaches on the other. There are also tensions between the concept of God and ecocentric approaches.

Lines of thought that are congruent are, for example, that body or female experience must be reclaimed. Nature, humanity and spirit are seen by all three theologians as being deeply integrated in space or place.

Problems that need to be further discussed and developed are, for example, the perspective of values according to the points of views of humanity and nature, and the weak connections to the Western context.

Key-words: ecofeminism, ecofeminist theology, goddess, thealogy, Anne Primavesi, Catherine Keller, Carol P.Christ

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