Modelling and simulation of support systems to predict operational availability

Sammanfattning: The aim of the work presented in this thesis is the development of the tools that support industry in offering FPs as a viable business case. A support system modelling and simulation tool, such as the one demonstrated in this thesis, would improve the possibilities of developing the support system early, concurrently with the development of the hardware. By performing a number of interviews and workshops, followed by a fault tree analysis to obtain the critical system components, a support system model was synthesised from the qualitative data. The model was translated into computer software designed in-house using C# to enable sufficient flexibility. Paper A demonstrates how collected data from interviews can be used to design a support system model to predict the behaviour of the support system. Paper B suggests how different parts of the FP model should be connected in terms of data flow to produce a system availability measurement. Paper C presents a modelling language for representing the details necessary to analyse and model the implementation of maintenance strategies for multi-component hardware. Some areas of refinement of the support system model are exemplified, such as travel distances and the occurrence of rare but harmful events.