Meningen med genusforskning så som den framträder i forskningspolitiska texter 1970-2000

Sammanfattning: The thesis analyse how Gender Studies is written about in Swedish research policy documents 1970–2000. Underlying assumptions and presumptions are scrutinised, as well as terminological changes and conceptual displacements over time. The story of Gender Studies in Sweden is in many aspects been a success story, however, as it is shown in this thesis, one that is not unproblematic. It is a story where concepts like woman, gender and equality have been negotiated. Drawing from the discourses found in the analysed material it is claimed that the research field of Gender Studies in Sweden is constantly being confused or mixed-up with the policy of gender equality. The study discuss how underlying assumptions and presumptions about Gender Studies in the policy making process becomes problematic, even though money to build institutions, to set up positions, to fund research is provided. It is argued that a narrow conceptualisation of Gender Studies as gender equality within research policy diminishes its own task. Hence, if the relevancy of gender research is linked to a narrow strive for gender equality, and not by the theoretical or empirical expectations and developments within the field itself it will cause problems. Problems for Gender Studies to live up to the expectations – feminist researchers’ own expectation as a as well as the expectations of those who decided upon the investment into Gender Studies. The analysis shows debates and contestations between the field and their benefactors, as well as in politics. Contestations that is due to political and theoretical debates, disagreements and developments. From the policy perspective the history of Gender Studies not only provides an interesting example for the complex relationship between research and politics, but also for the connection between research policy and other political issues.

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