Socialdemokratisk kyrkosyn : en studie i Socialdemokraternas kyrkopolitiska riktlinjer 1979-1996

Detta är en avhandling från Uppsala : Teologiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: The Social Democratic party of Sweden (SAP) was from its starting point in late 19th century oppositional to the Swedish Church and its position in Swedish society. But soon two different views were formed. The first view was to cut all ties between state and church. The second view was to perform a democratic reformation of the Church. The SAP have since long engaged itself in church politics and governing on different levels.This thesis deals with the ecclesiology of the SAP as presented by the party executive in normative outlines for church-politics. The investigation starts with the first published outlines in 1979 and ends with the outlines published in 1996, the year after the decision of the Swedish parliament to make a juridical separation between state and church by jan 1 2000.These political outlines form a framework for the party´s local, regional och central political activities in the Swedish Church. The starting point is the introduction of the party program and the democratization of the structure of Society. The structure of the Church should therefore also be democratized. Those emplyed by the Church are also to support this democratized structure. The goal of this process is to make the Church available and reachable for everyone in Sweden, also in a new cultural situation when people and church no longer can be looked upon as one unity. The Swedish Church has, says the SAP, therefore no right to set up rules for who can and who can not become a member of the Church.

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